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The Revolutionary Secret That Allowed an Ordinary Salesperson To Go From Mediocrity To Dominance In A Few Months!

How would you like to permanently have the upper hand with your prospects?  And kiss goodbye to rejection and "overcoming objections" forever?

Aren't you tired of this?  I know I was.  When I started in sales, I sucked.  Bad.  In fact, in my first job, I never made a single sale.  I'm serious.  I sucked.

Well, this can finally be a thing of the past...but it will never happen with the TRITE, OBSOLETE, and, quite frankly, INEFFECTIVE ways you and I've been taught in the past to sell.

Instead, you can learn a revolutionary (and MASSIVELY EFFECTIVE) way to dictate the terms of your sales encounters....and get the results you've always dreamed of.  Instead of surrendering your power to your customers by "asking" for the sale, trying to overcome objections, and worst of all, trying to make the sale based on price, you can now begin to dictate the terms in which people work with you.

Quit pandering to your prospects, hoping and praying that you can sweet talk them into doing business with you.  They know what you're doing.  It doesn't work.  It never will.  It's sad, pathetic, and it's making them lose respect for you.

When you join The Negotiator's Playbook, you will have access to 24/7 on-demand video lessons on a multitude of topics ranging from Social Dynamics to Inner Game.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet some of the very experts who helped me master...

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