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Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball is valued at $197... But with your order today you will also get the following bonus gifts, valued at an over $300, absolutely free:

Loaded Bat Grip Training Guide - Discover how to incorporate heavy bat training for Grip and Forearm strength without worrying about damaging the mechanics of your swing you have worked so hard to develop over the years. $29 Value!

Tube Ball Grip Training Guide - Discover how to build your own tube ball training device for less than $20 to get full forearm development and prevent overuse injuries from occuring. $29 Value!

Year-Round Strength Training Program Guide - Learn the methods for designing your own full-year strength training program, complete with in-season, post-season, off-season, and pre-season strategies! $37 Value!

Essential Forearm Stretches for Baseball - To maintain maximum strength gains, you must compliment your work in the gym with proper maintenance of flexibility in the lower arms. This guide shows you how it's done. $37 Value!

20 Done-for-You Grip and Forearm Workouts - Twenty fully crafted workouts listing exercise selections and suggested set and reps schemes, complete with printable workout sheets to fill in your results and track your performance. $77 Value!

8-Week Grip Training Program (Video & Print-out) - Eight Weeks of workouts complete with video demonstrations and a printable schedule. Each workout has 3 movements, for a total of 24 exercises, fully explained and demonstrated. Don't have the equipment to do one of the exercises? No problem - swap them out with one of the exercises from the manual. This is...

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