HOW TO WRITE YOUR MEMOIRS A WORKBOOK AND GUIDE by JOHNNY RAY Award Winning Novelist And Professional Memoir Ghostwriter

Do you have a legacy that needs to be preserved? Would you like to see your life told in the form of a novel? Or made into a movie? Making you both rich and Famous What words of wisdom do you want to leave for your family? Would you like to have your life's work validated? Or the record set straight? In Reality When will you write your memoirs? Tomorrow, or the next or . . . Will you take the first step today?

Written by master storyteller JOHNNY RAY this guide and workbook will lead you through the process of telling the story that must be told and can only be told by you.

1)   An introduction to what is a memoir
2)   How to get started
3)   How to recall the memories that make up the pages of your life
4)   Determining the main turning points in your life
5)   How to stay focused on the main story
6)   Deciding which characters to include or exclude
7)   Doing research and fact checking
 8)  Determining the author's voice and point of view
 9)  Determing if the book should be factual or fiction
10) Determining the driving purpose behind writing the memoir
11) Determining who the  intended reader is
12) Determining how open the author wishes to be
13) Showing versus telling
14) How to polish the memoir
15) How to find an agent or publisher
16) Other methods of getting published
17) How to hire a ghostwriter
18) A list of questions a ghostwriter will usually ask...Read More detail

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